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Flaming June - by Jan Manley

Summers come -

Scorching sun…Well, maybe some!

Lambs are growing,

Grass needs mowing, Tim’s been sowing.

Jemma’s enjoying bird songs,

Rob is as busy as ever.

The cooking is yummy and going down well,

Thanks to Heather.

The whole site is busy with chattering children.

The stars in the kitchen are Cyd, Griff and Raven.

Jeonghye and Rebecca have got the Camp shining.

Each cloud at St Madoc has a slick silver lining!

Nathan and Abbie are keeping quite busy!

Whilst Diesel has fun chasing our Jack and Lizzie.

The Boss busy bossing, and Jan’s in the dock.

It’s Summer on Gower

The cream of the crop!

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