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We have 11 bunkhouse style dormitories of various sizes, ranging from 2 beds to 12, with 78 beds in total. All of our rooms are ensuite (toilets and showers) and all have under-floor heating. 

To download the dormitory floor plan, click here.

When booking please liaise with a member of our staff to help us decide how many dormitories you require.

Dining Room

Our dining room can comfortably seat 100 people at meal times, or 200 for meetings. 

The dining room comes fully equipped with an over head projector, sound desk and even underfloor heating. 

In the dining room there's also a fantastic 6 player (or more!) table tennis table and a pool table (50p per game charge).

Dining Room.jpg

Main Kitchen

Our Dining and Kitchen facilities are perfect for catering for practically any group. We have the space, facilities and appliances to cater for up to one hundred and twenty people. 

Whether you wish to cater for yourselves during the week or if you wish for the St Madoc staff to cater for you our Kitchen and Dining facilities will be up to the task.  Our commercial dish-washer can clean a full load of dishes in under three minutes and has been described, more than once, as a 'life saver'!

Full kitchen details can be found here

Sunley Room and Kitchenette

The Sunley room and kitchenette are perfect for smaller groups or families. Larger groups often use the Sunley room as a more comfortable breakout room for quieter moments or watching movies on the big screen. Just like the dining room it has a sound desk and over head projector. 

The kitchenette is attached to the Sunley room via a serving hatch and is suitable for catering for groups of 15 or less, or making teas and coffees for larger groups.

Outdoor facilities

 Right outside the dining room is our sports field and tennis court where you can play an array of games. A small portable tennis net is available upon request. Walk through our peaceful woodlands and find the camp circle, where you can enjoy a warm fire and roast marshmallows. For wet weather you can retreat to our sports barn a short walk from the main building.  

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