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September - Rebecca

As my title role is assistant ranger I get a myriad of jobs, especially during the winter. My main role though, is housekeeping. I did wonder how I could glamorise the job and I came up with a small list of cleaning heroes. A favourite of mine is Hong Kong Phooey a cartoon dog janitor who also fights crime. Then there’s Kim and Aggie, the reality TV house cleaners whose efforts really changed peoples' lives. There’s also Mr. Muscle, so called after the famous product, and lastly, my favourite: (probably because I am a girl) Cinderella. When I need cheering up I think of my cleaning heroes and I can smile.

I have decided to write about September and some of its significances.

September is one of my favourite months; it’s a time of change. The air feels a little cooler, summer is slowly being blown into autumn and the skies are cloudier. The starlings are lining up on the telegraph wires getting ready for the long journey south, colours are gradually changing; the hills will soon be burnt ochre. I know this all sounds like landscape appreciation and it probably is! It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of the place, through all the seasons, the most fragrant being June and July when the roses and honeysuckle rule the hedgerows in abundance, now it’s all hips and berries.

The Harvest Moon

When September does come it’s a magical time. The autumn equinox brings some of the highest tides of the year, affected by the Harvest moon. Some are gathering from natures' larder a reward for the previous months labour in the garden or field. Harvest is also a time of giving and sharing, in early harvests farmers would bake bread from the first harvest in order to share for communion. Today harvest services in the churches are special, where thanks and praises are given for the food that nature has provided.

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