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Our Statement of Faith

We accept the inspired Word of God – The Bible, as the basis, guidance and principles for the way we operate the camp and as the code of practice, standards and principles for the way we live.


It is vital that in our conduct and dealings with all people we show true Christian love and understanding, not condoning actions that conflict with our principles but showing true concern for the person.


As a Christian based organisation we believe the following:-


  • The Bible is God’s inspired word which is trustworthy and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and as the “Code of Practice” for the way we live.

  • The acceptance of God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit being the triune God.

  • The need for all to confess their sin and accept the gift of salvation paid for by the death of Jesus at Cavalry.

  • The universal Church, whatever the individual label/denomination being the body of Christ of whom He is the Head.

  • The work of the Holy spirit in enabling us to understand the scriptures, and the power of the Holy Spirit to regenerate and change lives.

  • A belief that the Lord Jesus Christ will return again to this earth in power and glory.

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