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Information for Parents

Is there anything my child shouldn't bring?

We would encourage you not to pack electronic devices, as they could get lost or broken. This includes; phones, tablets and cameras. 

My child has a special dietary requirement, what will they eat?

Our trained kitchen staff can provide food for any dietary requirement.  Regardless of your child's dietary needs our staff will make sure they have delicious and suitable food for every meal. If you still have concerns about your child's diet, please let your school know and we will liaise with you through them.

Where will my child be sleeping?

Your child will be sleeping in a room with some of their friends, likely chosen by their teacher to ensure that they are with children they know. Children only ever share rooms with other children from their own school and of the same sex. All of our rooms have heating and their own toilet and shower.

Will my child be safe whilst they're with you?

We take the safety of everyone in our care very seriously and go to great lengths to make sure that all who stay with us stay safe at all times.

  • Upon arrival we go through health and safety rules with our guests, making sure that everyone knows about things like stinging nettles and brambles. We also perform a fire drill to make sure that in the event of an actual alarm everyone knows where to go, safely and sensibly.

  • All of our activities are thoroughly risk assessed, and all begin with a safety brief to make sure that the participants are aware of any risks faced.

  • Staff are trained in first aid, and carry a first aid kit at all times.

  • All St Madoc/ Gower Adventures staff are DBS checked.

  • There is a member of St Madoc staff on site at all times, in addition to the teachers that come with your child's school. 

If you would like more information about your child's stay please contact us on

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