As a charity, we rely a lot on the goodwill and kindness of others to be able to carry on our good work.

There are many ways to help, from monetary donations, to donations of equipment or time. 

For more details, or to register your interest, scroll down.

Donate money

A gift of any amount of money is one we welcome. You can specify what you'd like your gift to be used for, from discounting the the stays of disadvantaged children, to building maintenance. One hugely important cause that we're always raising money for is our Bursary  pot. Many of the groups that stay with us are made up of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. We heavily subsidise these individuals, taking using funds from the our Bursary pot to do so. A gift to our Bursary pot could enable children and young people who would otherwise have to miss out on the trip of a lifetime to come and stay with us and their friends here at the St Madoc Centre.

The button below will take your to our LocalGiving page, a quick, easy and safe way to donate money. If you'd rather give money straight to our bank you can email us here.

Donate your legacy

Making a will and updating it regularly is the only way to ensure that your wishes
are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue
to support the family, friends and causes that you love.

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift by leaving a legacy to our valuable work at the St Madoc Centre.

Our work at the St Madoc Centre takes children and young people of all ages, from every background and offers them space and time, for exploration and new experiences.

Give your prayers

Here at the St Madoc Centre we believe that prayer really does work! Not everyone is able to give money, or donate their time, prayer is a simple way of lending us your support, in a more accessible manner.

We send out a prayer email once a week to people who support us through their prayer. This brief email provides prayer points which we might need extra prayer for. To subscribe to this list click below.