Volunteering Opportunities

The St Madoc Centre is a charity, and is heavily reliant on volunteers to make sure we can carry on the important work we do, and look after and maintain our 76 acres of land in an environmentally friendly way.

If you'd like to be part of the St Madoc Team and help with the day to say running of our busy Centre, look below for the sorts of jobs we have available!

Currently we're working with several youth volunteers who help us with all sorts of jobs around the Centre. From woodland ride clearing, promoting wildflower and butterfly diversity to looking after our garden, ensuring that we have plenty of tasty fruits and veggies for our visitors to try!

Many of the jobs our volunteers help us with are relatively unskilled, meaning that little training is required. We provide all the tools and equipment that is needed, as well as all the training too.

If you have a particular skill or interest then, because of the huge variety of things that need to be done here, we can make sure that we ask you to help with tasks with those in mind. For instance, we recently had a volunteer with particular skill and interest in woodworking who built us a much needed shelving unit for our percussion instruments.

If you're interested in helping us out, or know someone who might be, get in contact.

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