Meet the Staff


Alison Holland, Site Manager.

Alison was appointed camp manager in April 2008 and moved into the cottage with her husband Martin, having previously worked at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea. Married for 35 years, they have three grown up sons, three gorgeous daughters-in-law and two beautiful grandsons. Alison is a trained teacher and has also worked in global logistics for many years.


Nathan Holland, Extraordinarilly Brilliant.

Nathan is usually found in the office working on publicity material or the website during the quieter months. During the spring and summer school terms Nathan is more often found outside working (playing) with the school groups staying on site. Nathan lives in Loughor with his eight year old son, Joshua (who has a cracking left foot) and his wife, Charlotte (who doesn't). He supports the Nottingham Forest and eats lots of biscuits.


Charlotte Holland, Education Ranger and Housekeeper

Charlotte is part of the Education team. She's usually the timekeeper/organiser, and is the only member of the team with a vaguely level head. Charlotte really enjoys some of the stranger sports the St Madoc Centre staff play, as well as searching the surrounding lands for snakes and reptiles.


Gary Warden, Caretaker Extraordinairre

Gary grew up just down the road in Three Crosses, but for much of his life has lived and worked elsewhere. Now living on Gower again, he joins us in a Caretaking role, and his daily routine can include mending beds, changing light bulbs, pulling weeds, and so much more!



Jan Manley, Office Ranger

Jan lives in Three Crosses with her husband of 30 odd years and her two grown up sons and likes walking, swimming and cycling. Jan has worked in a wide range of roles in the past including admin, health, social care, welfare, and education. Jan’s job here is largely office based. She makes sure that the school groups that come to stay with us know what to bring, when to come and where we are! She helps to look after the site, and loves feeding the lambs!



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